Take the 2020 Challenge!

The Coureurs des Bois Challenge organizes annually an obstacle course in the Lavigne Natural Park in Bourget. Due to the pandemic, the event has been completely revised. We hope you can participate and will enjoy this new formula.

  • One-way trails (3 km or 5 km) in the Lavigne Natural Park , 3480 Marcil Rd, Bourget, Ontario.
  • The whole month of September. You choose the date and time you want to participate. NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED.
  • Several challenges to overcome along the course (eg jumping jacks) plus a few natural obstacles.
  • Accessible to people of all ages and all fitness levels.

A virtual version is available for those who live outside the region.

Enjoy the Challenge!

Course Map

Please follow these guidelines to ensure a safe activity for you and for others.

Virtual Program

If you want to take part in the Challenge in another trail closer to you, you can download this program.

2020 Medals

The 2020 medals are available for purchase.

In preparation for the Challenge

Thank you for participating at the 5th edition of the Coureurs des bois Challenge. As we want to make your experience the most enjoyable, here is some information for you to better prepare for the Challenge.

The Course

  • Our one-way course is 5 km. You can still choose to shorten your trail to 3 km by following the 3 km signs and the blue flags.
  • Easier trail segments are available in order to avoid natural obstacles. You will only have to follow the blue flags when an easier option is available.
  • We are proposing 15 challenges along the course. You can choose the level that is best for you. Remember to go at your own pace and to respect your limits!

What to Bring

  • A change of shoes and clothes for after the race as well as a towel for the car.
  • Your water bottle
  • Your disinfectant

Don’t Forget To

  • Take photos and tag us on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Challenge yourself and above all, have fun!

Enjoy the Challenge!

Major Sponsors

Thanks to our Major Sponsors!